5 Aug

Two weeks ago I moved to Florida. We’re renting a house with a swimming pool but I don’t really like Florida because I miss my friends. I found  a whole  sand dollar and a sea worm that lives in a shell. I’ve tried smoked  oysters and fish. A few days ago I went on an all day fishing trip on a boat with my dad. We caught fifteen fish!


Staying up Till Ten Fifty PM

19 Oct

My grandpa lives in Arkansas and he is a woodworker. I asked him if he could make me a wooden sword and a wooden roller coaster. He said he could build me a wooden sword but the roller coaster would be four feet tall and eight feet wide so he said probably so but we will see. I am SO excited! That is why I am staying up so late!

A Big Day

18 Oct

Today Avery got her tonsils taken out with a surgery. My best friend Joseph got his tonsils taken out too, but that was a long time ago. This year for Christmas, instead of having a regular Christmas, we’re going to take a road trip to Disneyworld. But Santa will still bring me regular presents.  In a month I’m going to get a new ipad.

We Moved To Arkansas for nine months!

18 Oct

Our real house is in Utah. Before we moved to Arkansas for nine months we went to California. My dad had a job there. The second day in Arkansas we made friends with the neighbor kids and they are nice. They are eleven and fourteen years old and they like to play basket ball. I like Arkansas but I like Utah better.


All About Me

17 Oct

Hi my name is Nathan. I am eight years old and my birthday is on December sixteenth. I have one brother and two sisters. I am homeschooled. My hobbies are swimming, riding bikes and scooters, playing with friends, playing legos and playing games on electronics. I love roller coasters and I even have a roller coaster video game on my laptop.